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Why Button Batteries are scary and sometimes deadly (50 mins) 

In this episode: 

  • Presenting features are often vague and misleading which is why it is scary
  • Life threatening negative sequelae can occur even weeks after removal
  • What to do and where to refer when you suspect ingestion

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Expert: Dr Ruth Barker  | Host: Dr David Lim, GP | Total time: 50 mins

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In this course, Dr Ruth Barker discusses the various hazards associated with button batteries, the types of button batteries, an analysis of data reports as well as the measures of prevention expected of battery companies

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Expert: Dr Ruth Barker

Dr Ruth Barker is an emergency paediatrician and Director of the Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit. She combines her experience of patient ED presentations with emergency injury data to advocate for injury prevention through design, standards and legislative change 

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