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Major depression is the leading cause of disability globally and currently available treatments are only moderately effective and not always accepted by effected individuals. This treatment gap has led to interest in new therapies that may be more acceptable such as neutracueticals, including the B group vitamins. In an era of many claims, it is important to review evidence for each individual preparation carefully. Recent evidence suggests there may indeed be an important supplementary role for some of these these agents in the care of Major Depression.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand current routine treatments for depression and their efficacy
  • Review the proposed mechanisms of various nutraceuticals for treatment of depression, and the evidence base supporting them
  • Know the efficacy of nutraceutical treatments for depression, including for various subgroups of patients
  • Determine best practice for use of nutraceuticals for treatment of depression, including alongside other treatments
  • Review the potential side effects of nutraceuticals for treatment of depression

About the Expert

Professor Malcolm Hopwood

Professor Hopwood is the Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne; based at the Albert Road Clinic (ARC) in Melbourne. At the ARC, he is the Director of the Professorial Psychiatry Unit, which specialises in the assessment and treatment of complex mood and anxiety disorders. In terms of research, Hopwood areas of interest include psychopharmacology and clinical aspects of mood and anxiety disorders. He has also led research into psychiatric aspects of ABI and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

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    Topic: Vit B, Vit D and Other Nutrients For Depression - Do They Help?

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