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What you'll learn in this expert session

In Australia, as in the rest of the developed world, we face a chronic oversupply of unhealthy and addictive food. This has become so ubiquitous that even some medical training has become skewed to view ill-health from dietary causes as normal. Prof Bruce Neal relates how we arrived at this situation, and the opportunities to change it.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the burden of disease caused by improper diet in Australia
  • Identify the current challenges to dietary improvement across industry, government and public health
  • Realise how healthcare providers can educate individual patients on food health, as well as influence regulatory and industry decisions
  • Assess the current regulatory framework in terms of assistance in making dietary decisions

About the Expert

Dr Bruce Neal

Prof Bruce Neal is Senior Director at The George Institute for Global Health where he leads the Food Policy Division. He is also Professor of Medicine at the University of Sydney and Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at Imperial College London. Bruce has a longstanding interest in the environmental determinants of high blood pressure and the potential for changes in the food supply to deliver large, cost effective and equitable health gains. He launched the popular FoodSwitch smartphone application which is available in Australia and five overseas jurisdictions. His goal is to change the way that food is manufactured, retailed and consumed around the world using business and policy levers. Data, transparency, accountability, sustainability and collaboration underpin his research efforts.

Course curriculum

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    • The Food Industry vs Public Health (27 mins of CPD)

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