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What you'll learn in this expert session

This talk will focus on the evidence-base behind the importance of access to green space (or nature play) and how it is thought to improve the trajectory of the growing brain. Dr Rachel Sharman will highlight evidence from Australia and abroad that demonstrates that by over-sanitising early play experiences, we have done our children more harm than good. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the way in which the developing brain wires itself to the environment in which it finds itself
  • Learn how access to play in green space improves physical and cognitive development
  • Overview of evidence from Australia and abroad regarding over-sanitising early play experiences and the impact on well-being
  • Understand the importance of unstructured play with the full potential for both risk and reward in social-emotional development
  • Gain practical strategies to encourage nature play

About the Expert

Dr Rachel Sharman

Dr Rachel Sharman is a senior lecturer and researcher in psychology, specialising in child/adolescent development. Rachael's research is focused on the optimal and healthy development of the paediatric brain, and has covered the neuro/psychological impacts of: dietary practices of parents and their children; physical activity; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; genetic disorders; concussion and childhood trauma.

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    Topic: Should we be Prescribing Green Space?

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