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Psoriasis is commonly known as a non-itchy red scaly rash. It is a serious chronic condition, genetically determined and mediated by an overactive immune system. In this lecture, Associate Professor Peter Foley highlights the fact that Psoriasis is often undiagnosed and/or under-treated and the detrimental effect this has on the overall health and quality of life of its sufferers. The different types and sites of Psoriasis and effective treatments are delineated. Importantly, the importance of, and when to refer a patient to a dermatologist is clarified.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the basic aetiology of Psoriasis and recognise its risk factors
  • Identify the manifestation of Psoriasis on different parts of the body and the treatment options of the different sites including consideration of Psoriatic Arthritis
  • List and screen patients for the common comorbidities associated with psoriasis
  • Examine the psychosocial impact of Psoriasis and advocate for patient treatment
  • Assess and advise patients for a timely referral to a dermatologist if they do not respond adequately to topical therapies.

About the Expert

A/Prof Peter Foley

Associate Professor Peter Foley is Director of Research at the Skin Health Institute and the Head of Dermatology Research at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. His interests include psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, hidradenitis suppurativa, photosensitivity disorders, and non-surgical management of nonmelanoma skin cancers. Associate Professor Foley is Australia’s only councilor on the International Psoriasis Council, is co-convener of the Australasian Psoriasis Registry, is a former steering committee member of the Group for Research and Assessment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis, and is a founding member of the Australasian Psoriasis Collaboration. He remains a longstanding member on Cancer Council Australia’s National Skin Cancer Committee and was part of the writing group for the revision of Keratinocyte Carcinoma Guidelines.

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