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What you'll learn in this expert session

Obesity is a chronic, lifelong condition having a range of adverse effects on sufferers, up to and including premature death. These issues are compounded by stigma towards sufferers and a lack of understanding, even among health professionals, of the causes of this disease. Prof Samantha Hocking outlines comprehensive, long-term treatment plans of real patients with obesity tailored to the cause of their disease, their unique challenges, their goals, the treatment options best suited to them, and a multidisciplinary approach where necessary.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the management options for obesity 
  • Recognise the patient’s goals and expectations of treatment options 
  • Explain the challenges in the management of weight loss
  • Identify the ‘dose-response’ relationships between weight loss and obesity related complications 
  • Discuss treatment options for patients with obesity, inclusive of life-long lifestyle modification, lifestyle modification plus pharmacotherapy and surgery (endoluminal therapies) 
  • Define pharmacotherapies for obesity management and its observation of response along with adjustment of treatment 

About the Expert

A/Prof Samantha Hocking

A/Prof Samantha Hocking is an Endocrinologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and a Clinical Academic at the University of Sydney. In 2017 A/Prof Hocking returned to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney as a clinician and researcher. Her main research interest is precision medicine – exploring how personalised medicine can both predict, prevent and improve the management of metabolic disease, particularly diabetes. In addition, she is working with fellow researchers at The Boden Institute and the CPC-RPA Clinic on projects in obesity, bariatric surgery, metabolic syndrome and diabetes and liver disease

Course curriculum

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    Video Lecture

    • Obesity Cases – A Practical Approach (29 mins of CPD)

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