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 4.5 hours of high-quality, evidence-based CPD delivered by experts in primary care

Iron deficiency anaemia is common and affects at least 25% of the world’s population. Generally, it is a condition that evolves over time progressing through stages of iron depletion to iron deficiency and finally anaemia.

The prevalence in Australia in general practice is estimated at 12% and can affect any part of the age spectrum but is most common in women under the age of 50. The presentations can vary and therefore it is imperative that a thorough assessment of the patient is conducted.

Iron can only be repleted with oral or intravenous supplementation, and the outcomes are better with early treatment. 

This educational activity is comprised of the following courses/modules:

Part 1 - Diagnosis, Assessment and Management of Iron Deficiency

Part 2 - Treatment of Iron Deficiency using Intravenous Iron Therapy

Part 3 - Set up and Administration of Intravenous Iron Service

The Expert Team

Experts in primary care

Dr Pradeep Jayasuriya

Pradeep is a leading general practitioner in the Perth, Western Australia with a specialised interest in iron deficiency. He developed the first community-based iron infusion facility in Australia which allowed for easier and safe access to intravenous iron for the community. He is widely regarded and consults and lectures widely throughout Australia promoting the better management of iron deficiency to improve outcomes for patients. He is also actively involved in various research programs and contributes to policy in the area of patient blood management.

Angela Lowndes

Angela Lowndes is a Registered Nurse who has partnered with Dr Jayasuriya in establishing iron infusion in primary care. Angela has developed some of the innovative tools and instruments used in the clinic to ensure that patient wellbeing is central to what the clinic does. She is actively engaged in postgraduate training and research.

Joel Mason

Joel is a Registered Nurse Consultant, specialising in paediatrics, surgery, vascular access, infusion therapy and wound management. Joel is currently completing the final stages of his Nurse Practitioner accreditation and has spent over a decade innovating and developing the subspecialties of vascular access and wound management, specifically in paediatrics. As of 2022, Joel is currently the only Australian nurse with global accreditation for vascular access nursing (CRNI), and paediatric wound management.

Modules include

  • Videos

    Evidence-based presentations delivered by leading experts in the field

  • Handbook

    Digital handbook of the presentation to type notes or download and print

  • Quiz

    Test your knowledge quizzes to reinforce learning

  • Certificate

    Instant downloadable certificate upon course completion

  • Resources

    Additional and industry resources to support your learning and access anytime

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