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What you'll learn in this expert session

Button batteries are ubiquitous, innocuous looking devices that power a myriad of household products from the essential to the inane. But button batteries are like landmines.

In this presentation, Dr Ruth Barker discusses the various hazards associated with button batteries, the types of button batteries, an analysis of data reports as well as the measures of prevention expected of battery companies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the chemical reaction that occurs inside a child's body once the battery is ingested 
  • Distinguish the different types of hazardous batteries 
  • Analyse the data of demographics affected by battery ingestion, the products that may lead to it, and the number of cases 
  • Learn the different measures for prevention and raising awareness, and the complications associated with them

About the Expert

Dr Ruth Barker

Dr Ruth Barker is an emergency paediatrician and Director of the Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit. She combines her experience of patient ED presentations with emergency injury data to advocate for injury prevention through design, standards and legislative change.

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